It may have come to your attention that Simply Carpets have scaffolding up around the building. Not to worry – the building isn’t falling down nor is the roof damaged. We’re simply having the exterior of the building repainted and resigned.

IMG_0577The paint on the building prior to repainting was an awful cream colour that had certainly seen better days. The red cladding around the building had faded and was way past saving. The only logical route was a complete overhaul. As you can see from the picture, the remnants of the cream paint and the red cladding looks old and dated against the new paintwork.

Within the next few weeks the building should be all finished and scaffold free. Meaning more space in the car park too!

Watch this space for updates, we will post some pictures once the painting work has been redone and the signs put up. It’s safe to say we’re excited as to how it’s going to look.