Coronavirus has affected everyone around the world in one way or another. We hope this Blog reaches you in good health, because we have good news! Simply Carpets have reopened!!

This Blog does come a little bit later than we had hoped, but with the rush of people over the opening week, we haven’t had much in the way of spare time.

We want our customers to feel safe when browsing the carpet selection at Simply Carpets which is why we have put in as many safety measures as reasonably possible.

There are hand sanitising stations all around the store so that you can ensure your hands are as clean as possible.

Perspex screens have been put up to prevent the spread of germs when discussing carpet or vinyl options for your home with our staff.

All card terminals are wiped down with strong antibacterial wipes between every transaction.

Social distancing measures are in place, not only between customers, but also between our members of staff. After all, if our staff are safe, we can stay open!

We have implemented a one way system around the store to ensure all customers can safely social distance.

To ensure the safety of all staff and customers, we have conducted a strict risk assessment to ensure that we are within the government guidelines for safe operation of our business.

Remember, the more you do to protect yourself, the more you’re doing to protect the people around you. Ultimately, we all want to be back to normal as soon as possible. Let’s all do our bit, shop safely and we will have COVID-19 on the ropes in no time.