Luxury vinyl Plymouth priced over £20 per m2.

Classic Limestone - £21.99

Classic Limestone – £21.99

Luxury Woods - £22.49

Luxury Woods – £22.49

Viva Fusion - £23.49

Viva Fusion – £23.49

Luxury Vinyl in Stock

Our selection of luxury vinyl Plymouth spans far past what we have available to view on our website. A lot of the luxury vinyl Plymouth in our store can be taken away on the same day. We have a sectioned off showroom that is dedicated to all types of vinyl flooring. Budget, mid range, luxury and also tiles.  Whether it’s one of our luxury vinyls off the roll, or a luxury vinyl remnant. If you’re happy to wait a little bit longer, you can order in the perfect luxury vinyl. With a huge amount to choose from in our vinyl showroom, the possibilities really are endless.

If you have any questions about our luxury vinyl selection, our staff are more than happy to help. We can tell you the wear depth, the suitability, the durability, there really isn’t much about our luxury vinyls that our staff don’t know. If you manage to stump us with one of your questions, we will do our very best to find an answer for you. We offer a free measure and estimate service on all of our products so that you only buy the amount that you need with very minimal waste.

Fitting luxury vinyl Plymouth isn’t a task that you would want to take on yourself. Things can go very badly wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you want your luxury vinyl to look as good 10 years on as the day you bought it, you should seriously consider one of our experienced fitters. With over 20 years experience, our fitters are more than capable of fitting most flooring solutions. Whether it’s luxury vinyl Plymouth, carpets or even artificial grass, our fitters have done it all!