A selection of luxury carpets Plymouth for you to choose from. Priced over £20 per m2 .

High quality luxury carpets

Luxury carpets don’t get much better than some of these. When it comes to quality, texture and longevity, these luxury carpets really will stand above the rest. Don’t settle for anything less than the best! And if you really don’t have a choice, then we do have high quality budget carpets and mid range carpets that would work extremely well with the right choice of underlay.

When it comes to the fitting of your luxury carpets, you really don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry. This is luxury carpet you have paid for, don’t scrimp on the fitting. If you do, your new luxury carpets won’t last very long. The quality of the fitting will be the difference between long lasting luxury carpets or a luxury carpet that looks good for a year or two at the very most. Our team of carpet fitters have years of experience working with luxury carpets Plymouth. There’s not much about luxury carpets that they don’t know.

A lot of the luxury carpets Plymouth that we have available to view in our showroom come with stain prevention as standard and a long manufacturer warranty. When you’re buying luxury carpets, it’s the small things like this that give you the peace of mind. After all, why would a manufacturer offer a long warranty if they didn’t believe the product to be suitable?