If you’re feeling confident enough to give it a go, kudos. Here is a guide on how to fit artificial grass. However, if you’re not feeling confident enough, we have experienced fitters that can get it done in no time for you. Please note: this guide has been provided by a manufacturer of artificial grass. This is not written by Simply Carpets Plymouth. If you’re unsure on any part of the guide, please contact us.

How to fit artificial grass

Artificial Grass1. The existing grass should be dug off & removed.

A turf cutter leaves a good clean level base with which to work from.

2. Mark out the shape & area

Using marking spray or even rope, lay out the area(s) on the ground, and adjust as necessary.

3. Install edging if required

Some areas may already have walls, patios or deck areas which the grass can be laid up against. There are a huge variety of edging systems available such as wood, metal and concrete. Make sure it is secure, and laid to the correct levels along the perimeter.

4. Stabilise & level the ground

Using either coarse grit or type 1 5mm to dust (preferably type1) level the proposed lawn area over, filling in any undulations or holes and using a vibro plate, compact this initial layer in. For the final level, blind the area over once again, ensuring the finished level is no more than 5 – 10mm shallower against the edge than the pile height of the artificial grass you are using. You should now be left with a clean level and stable base.

5. Lay the underlay/membrane

The underlay/membrane can now be laid, cut and pinned into position.

6. Install the artificial grass

Your artificial grass can now be rolled out and positioned accordingly. Ensure that there are no creases before you start cutting in. Once positioned correctly, use a sharp knife to cut the grass tight up to the  edges.

7. Joining the artificial grass sections

On larger areas it may be necessary to have one, or a number of joins to complete the area. The pile direction of the two pieces of grass should face the same way. The next step is to cut the two faces ready for the join.

8a. Cut between the third & fourth stitch lines (option a)

If you are working in the same direction as the stitching lines: Fold the face over. Count three stitches
in along the back of the grass; then cut neatly along between the third and fourth stitch lines. This process
needs to be done to both pieces being joined.

8b. Cut across the stitch lines (option b)

If you are working across the stitch lines: Working from the rear of the grass, slowly cut across the stitch
lines in-between the position where two tufts enter the backing, taking your time to ensure a good, clean,
straight cut. This process needs to be completed on both pieces being joined.

9. Line up the two pieces

Offer the two pieces of grass up to each other, leaving a 2-3mm gap between the two pieces (it may be necessary to trim some areas here in order to ensure a neat fit).

Image showing how to fit artificial grass10. Fold back & tape

Once positioned, fold the two faces back and roll out the tape in-between, ensuring an equal amount of tape under each of the pieces of artificial grass.

11. Apply glue

Glue can now be spread along the jointing tape in a zig-zag fashion. Carefully lower each side of the grass onto the tape, ensuring no glue gets onto the grass.

12. Lay the grass out

See step 6 of how to fit artificial grass.

13. Finishing

Finally, walk along the joint compressing the glue and joint together. With the grass now laid, cut in and  joined (allow the glue to set), if required the area can now be partially sand fi lled using kiln dried sand.  Make sure it is spread evenly over the entire area, with a stiff brush (ideally a mechanical brush). This will allow the fi bres of the grass to stand upright and complete the installation. If you are not in-filling with sand, spray the area over with water then brush over the grass with a stiff broom (ideally a mechanical brush) to allow the pile to stand upright.

There you have it – a guide on how to fit artificial grass! Once you know how to fit artificial grass you can have the lawn of your dreams.

Please remember, this guide of how to fit artificial grass is a guide by Namgrass. The how to fit artificial grass is not created by Simply Carpets Plymouth. If there are any parts of the guide on how to fit artificial grass that you’re unsure on, please contact us.