Half Price Carpet Binding PlymouthCarpet Binding Plymouth – HALF PRICE!

Simply Carpets Plymouth have teamed up with Fringes of Plymouth to come up with an exclusive offer to customers of Simply Carpets Plymouth. Being based in the same unit and both companies owned by the same person, it makes it really quite simple for us to be able to provide the best deals for our customers. After careful deliberation, we have created an exclusive offer for 50% off carpet binding when you purchase a fitted carpet from Simply Carpets Plymouth.

So what does this mean?

After having carpets fitted by Simply Carpets Plymouth, there can sometimes be a little bit of waste carpet left over. These waste pieces of carpets can be the perfect size for a rug or mat in your home.

So what can you do with them?

Well you could just put them down on the floor and use them as they are. But you will constantly be fighting with the fraying ends. You could throw them in the bin, but that’s a waste of carpet and money. Alternatively, you could take them to get the edges bound.

Now typically if you wanted your carpets bound and they were purchased at any competitor of Simply Carpets Plymouth, then you would be looking at paying the full asking price per linear metre. Luckily, you purchased yours from Simply Carpets Plymouth, therefore you get the binding charge reduced to half price.

Whether it’s turning an offcut into a mat or having the sides of a stair running bound to add style and class. Our half price carpet binding Plymouth offer caters for all needs.

Do you know anywhere else that you can get half price carpet binding Plymouth?